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O tom, jak jsme v lockdownu tvořily cestovní deník

About how we created a travel diary in lockdown

| Martina Dušková

Greetings to all travelers!

After more than a year of the pandemic, when we could often just go to the living room and back, the topic of travel is quite tricky. But even though we all miss him a lot now, I'm sure that when we can go somewhere again, we'll enjoy it a lot more. Like everything that finds its way back to us after it was lacking.

And so we would to you they were happy to introduce ours Travel diary , which is published in the same way as our previous one two books in cooperation with publishing house CooBoo . And why are we publishing a travel journal right now? The truth is that we had the idea of ​​creating a travel diary in our heads for a long time. The original release date was set for May 2020, and we enthusiastically threw ourselves into preparations at the beginning of last year. But as you can probably guess, it soon became clear that a worse time for the publication of a travel diary could not have met us. Therefore, together with the publisher, we decided to postpone its publication by a year. At the time, no one expected that we would still be dealing with the pandemic and its effects in a year, but at least we can now see some light at the end of the tunnel and at least we can go visit family in the neighboring district.

Actually, I think now is a great time to journal. The first part of the diary is for planning and when will we have as much time to dream as now. So, when the Travel Diary reaches you, grab a pen and fill out your travel bucket list with all the places you definitely want to see and plan the first trip you'll take as soon as possible.

We tried to design the diary in such a way that it doesn't bring you anxiety about not being able to take a trip to the other side of the world, whether a pandemic or a half-empty wallet prevents you from doing so. The main idea with which we created the diary was that big adventures can be experienced even on a small trip. After all, experiences are not measured by the number of kilometers traveled, photos taken or likes on social networks, but by how much we enjoy our trips and vacations. It doesn't matter where or how often. Much more important is with whom and how we spend our free time. And that's why you should definitely not wait to fill in the pages of your diary until you can go to your dream Bora Bora, but also write down the great week spent with friends on Mácháč. If last year taught us something positive, it is certainly that there are many beautiful places in our country that are worth exploring.

What will I find in the diary?

Because each trip is quite individual, we spent a long time thinking about how to compile a diary so that no page goes to waste even if you go on a short trip, but at the same time so that you don't miss a page if you are going to travel for a longer period of time. So we didn't want to allocate a fixed number of pages to each path, as is customary. Finally, we decided to divide the diary into two parts.

The first part is planning. You will find a total in it six trips that you can plan in detail. You can find it here bucket list, page with important information, budget, list what you have to arrange even what you are wrap up . At the same time, you can use three free double pages on notes , itineraries , or anything else you need to plan. Each route also has a summary page reflection and evaluation .

In the second half of the diary you will find blank pages . You can use them according to your imagination to write the diary itself. Capture memories from every trip. Stick photos, views, stickers. Paint. You don't have to be limited by space. There are no dividers between the pages and how many pages you dedicate to each path is up to you.

In addition, you will find a few pages in the diary dedicated to travel in general. You can write down which places you have already visited or where you would like to see in the future. There is space for your travelogues and the addresses of everyone to whom you want to send a view from great and small distances.

They are also included stickers , document pocket and two tabs with which you can separate the planning and diary sections.


What about us and travel?


I feel that I was guided to travel from a young age, it was somehow in the family, and that's why it will probably never leave me. I like that about him freedom , infinite broadening horizons , inspiration , spontaneous discovery and creation experiences in places where you least expect it.

As children, my parents and I always went to the sea with Fischer. I remember how the flight attendants always gave us that blue inflatable plane on the plane, which we immediately pierced the first time we played on the beach. We exchanged the sea for the mountains during the spring holidays, and in the summer we walked or cycled up the hill again of Austria , Germany or i Bohemia . As children, we went every year with the whole family and friends to Lipno and to Krkonoše . These are probably the places that will always remain close to me and I will love to return there, they are full of memories and a warm feeling of home. In adulthood, there were two major trips, one for a year to England to high school and the other to a master's degree Holland . And although both places have become unimaginably close to my heart and influenced me, nothing in the world can compare to our Czech cottage nature.

When I was little, I always wanted to look at Hawaii , I was mainly attracted by the endless sea and surfing . These two interests have not left me, but this time I am more attracted Portugal and America , because another activity was added to them, which I would like to combine with travel - traditional calligraphy . I don't know if it's growing up in general, being tired of the big city, or just going back to what you did as a child, but lately I've been drawn to nature . I am tempted to explore mountains , roads and nature mainly in their own way, whether with backpack on the back or in van . Waking up at tent for the sunshine with a view of the hills or the sea and being grateful that I can at all. So we'll see how this next travel phase unfolds. 🙂


What I enjoy the most about traveling is that you completely get to know each other breaks away from everyday life and gets to know new places people and habits . I'm the type of person who likes to return to places he already knows. Wherever I like it, I wish I could go back there again. Among the places that have become very close to my heart are Rome and the whole of Italy , where we went with my parents on vacation.. for an endless time in an uncomfortable bus, we lived under a tent, but I loved it there. Other popular places include Amsterdam , London and Berlin , which is kind of like my second home, and also west coast of america , places like San Francisco , Yosemite , Grand Canyon and San Diego , where I spent several vacations in a row with my friends Comic Con as the biggest 'nerd' 😀 I still remember it very fondly. But now I'm more and more attracted to the other side of the globe, I'd like to take a look Japan , Korea or until Vietnam . Traveling is also beautiful when one is at home, but something reminds him of the feeling of the place he visited, namely the enjoyment and the desire to go somewhere again . I hope that you will also experience this indescribable and irreplaceably beautiful feeling when planning with our diary 🙂


Until a few years ago, I was terrible at traveling. I was always very stressed, I wanted to be everywhere well ahead of time and I needed to have everything planned until the last minute. Fortunately, I was cured of this by a trip to Australia . Once I overcame that incredible distance, all the traveling in Europe suddenly seemed much easier to me and therefore there was no need to stress. Second, I even flew to Australia completely without plans and she discovered the magic of spontaneous travel . 🙂

As for my favorite trips, apart from the aforementioned Australia, which is of course beautiful, I fondly remember vacationing on a breathtaking island Madeira . As for my travel dreams, I like history and so I like to travel around old cities whose castles . At the moment, I have a long list of places in Europe that I haven't had time to visit yet, and they are literally insane. The biggest dream is probably Scandinavia , in particular Sweden and Denmark . I would really like to take a look at one of the longer trips Maldives or until Caribbean .

The diary is on sale from May 17 and you can get it in most bookstore and or in advance on our website , where to the diary you get and others set of stickers ! In addition to the aforementioned stickers, we also publish a set for the diary views and great print on the wall .

We are very happy that we will be able to accompany you on your travels with the help of this diary. We'd love it if you shared with us the places where the diary went with you using the hashtag #CestujiSPrintintin or via email . So get planning and remember that there always is better to have an album full of memories than a house full of nonsense . 🙂

for printintin,