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Jak jsme v létě psaly knížku o Vánocích

How we wrote a book about Christmas in the summer

| Martina Dušková

Since our blog is a bit behind, I decided to make it a tradition to at least publish an article after the completion of a new book and tell you some behind-the-scenes information about what our work looked like. So again after a year I bring you happy news. (And I promise that one day we will publish more articles than books!)

Yes it's right. For the second time, we have teamed up with the publishing house CooBoo , and with the help of their wonderful editor-in-chief Tereza Eliášová and her great team, we published another piece at the beginning of October this year. This time at Christmas.

I don't think either of us would call it quite a book, but rather a planner or diary. The name is quite descriptive - " Time for Christmas." Apt because it was created mainly with the vision to bring you at least a little peace and time to enjoy Christmas properly during the chaotic Advent. All planning lovers are guaranteed to be pleased to have everything written down on paper. Creative souls will appreciate the space to create and write down their thoughts, experiences and feelings. ( And because we like small extra gifts, you will also find wrapping paper, tags and greeting cards and stickers in the book !)

Are you wondering if the preparations for this Christmas companion went as smoothly as your next Christmas? If you assume not, you're assuming correctly. The whole idea and the (delayed) start of creation took place under the sign of the coronavirus. I think I can tell you that "Time for Christmas" is probably the first multi-authored book on which the creators never met in person. Due to quarantines and closed borders, all our communication took place online. And despite these obstacles, I think we did great. We just didn't enjoy procrastinating as much as writing together in the same room – this time there was no wine or demonstrations . Even so, I have to say that we enjoyed our work as always and if we didn't have a deadline, we would still be improving the book today. I must also point out that we greatly appreciated the experience of preparing our first book , thanks to which we exported the final work in less than a week. Yes, repetition is the mother of wisdom!

In addition to coming up with lots of ideas for what to write in the book and drawing all those cute illustrations, we had one more challenge – to fit into the Christmas spirit in the middle of a hot summer. Which was an interesting experience, because sitting all sweaty on a hot day at the computer trying to conjure up a picture in your head of yourself huddled in a blanket, sipping hot chocolate and baking cookies at Christmas is a pretty good test of your willpower overall contrasting thoughts, to distance yourself from the surroundings and not to sweat even more. I think it turned out great. I didn't let go of heavenly love, and I didn't even bake cookies. But I'm a little surprised that the neighbors didn't call Bohnice after they heard carols playing from my room in August when I was making Christmas playlists for you .

I'll admit that with all that's going on in the world, I'm pretty winded about Christmas this year. But I'm really looking forward to filling in everything in the book myself. I know that the book will calm me down and help me stay on top of things, no matter what awaits us. My personal favorite part is the recap of the past year and the planning for the next one. I think a lot of us need a reboot. 🙂

Like the previous book, the second one makes us very happy and we hope you will like it too. You can find it in our e-shop or in all major bookstores. So jump for it, light a candle, let's say the Grinch and start planning.

for printintin,

PS Christmas is only 37 days away!