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Planner Girl Round Waterproof Sticker, ⌀ 6 cm

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“Phoebe, do you have a plan?” “I don’t even have a pla.” If you are the opposite of Phoebe and you are addicted to the to-do lists, sticky notes and planners, this sticker is made for you. And we are very happy to support your addiction because honestly, we have it too.

If trading stickers was still a thing, these amazing waterproof stickers would go for at least two glitter ones and one with a pokemon. They are durable and waterproof which makes them perfect for everyday use on objects such as a phone or a planner. Besides, they are great to express your mood and life mottos!

Designed and handmade in the EU.

Product info

Vinyl (resistant, waterproof)
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⌀ 6 cm