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Nap Queen Round Waterproof Sticker, ⌀ 6 cm


There is nothing a good nap can’t fix. You should talk to your boss about adding 20 minutes of snoozing every day to your job benefits. Don’t forget to put this button pin on for everyone to see that you are in fact-gathering energy for the next meeting.

If trading stickers was still a thing, these amazing waterproof stickers would go for at least two glitter ones and one with a pokemon. They are durable and waterproof which makes them perfect for everyday use on objects such as a phone or a planner. Besides, they are great to express your mood and life mottos!

Size: ⌀ 6 cm
Material: Vinyl (resistant, waterproof)

Designed and handmade in the EU.

Weight 0,001 kg
Dimensions 6 cm


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