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Avocado Pattern – Round Waterproof Sticker, ⌀ 6 cm


They look like dragon eggs and they are a bit mysterious… no one actually knows if they are a fruit or a vegetable. And yet we all love them. On the wall of Monica’s kitchen, on the overpriced avo toast and as cute drawings on stickers.

If trading stickers was still a thing, these amazing waterproof stickers would go for at least two glitter ones and one with a pokemon. They are durable and waterproof which makes them perfect for everyday use on objects such as a phone or a planner. Besides, they are great to express your mood and life mottos!

Size: ⌀ 6 cm
Material: Vinyl (resistant, waterproof)

Designed and handmade in the EU.

Weight 0,001 kg
Dimensions 6 cm

Illustrated (no text)

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