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Privacy Policy

Protecting your privacy and your data is an important issue for printintin. On this page, we would love to inform you what data we collect during your visit to our website and how do we work with them.

1. Customer data

When you register on our website, place an order or subscribe to the newsletter we receive various data that you give us, such as name, email address or shipping address. We use this information only to provide service to you, such as sending you a newsletter. You can cancel this permission anytime. Just send us an email to and let us know you don’t want o see any more emails from us.

2. Personal data

Printintin never lets third party access your data. Your data are used only inside the company and other parties that are necessary to use to provide service and marketing for you. These services will never use your data for their own use or lets anybody else use them. Some of our data are stored outside EU.

3. Technical data

When you visit our website, our webserver receives usual technical data which are used anonymously for statistics about our users. That helps us with improving the website and make sure it is aligned with the users needs. In case you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

4. Cancellling your newsletter subscription

If you no longer wish to receive our newsletter, simply click “Cancel the subscription” that is added at the end of every email that we send.

5. Cookies

Cookies are data files that includes small amount of information that are downloaded to your computer, phone or other device.  Anytime you enter our website, the cookies will be recognized and help improve your experience.

Permanent cookies stay in your device which is set in the cookies files. They are activated anytime you visit our website.

Session cookies allows us connect your activity during the time you spent on our website. They are activated when you enter and deactivated when you leave. That means they are only temporary and will be deleted when you close your browser.

Cookies have various functions. They make your search more effective, they remember your shopping preferences and improves your comfort in general. You are giving your consent to use the cookies when using the website. We recommend to allow the cookies. If you don’T use them, some of the services might not work properly. If you use shared device, don’t forget to sign off anytime you stop using the device. If you don’t agree with using the cookies, deactivate cookies in your browser.

6. Remarketing

Printintin uses remarketing functions by Google Inc. Remarketing helps to approach users that has visited our website before. Based on the content you have visited n our website, we are able to send you personalised advertisement. Our adverts may be displayed when browsing using Google services. Google also uses cookies to analyse your website usage. To do that Google saves small file in your computer that contains series of numbers. Personal data of users are never saved. You can find more information on

You can also deactivate cookies to third party services on

Any questions?

If you have any questions or you need information on stored data, please contact us on